Tom Brady loses coach, others may benefit

Tom Martinez, longtime personal coach to New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady was slated to come to Johns Hopkins Hospital for a life-saving kidney transplant in coming months. But the Associated Press reported today that he died.

The story says he had a heart attack after a dialysis treatment.

But the publicity drummed up by Brady may mean others get the kidney they need.

Hopkins said many people, strangers mostly, came in to be tested after hearing about the 67-year-old’s plight.

Brady had used Twitter and Facebook to ask supporters to register at More than 10,000 are now registered.

Martinez told The Sun earlier this month he was touched that so many people had responded. At the time 400 people used Facebook to wish him well or offer to get tested. He was waiting for a match to fly to Baltimore for the surgery.

It was his wish that Americans understood how many people were hooked up to dialysis machine every day and how many die waiting for a donated kidney from a live or deceased donor.

About 90,000 people are on the national waiting list, according to the National Kidney Foundation. About 20 percent will get an organ this year and about 30 percent are likely to die eventually because no organ is available for transplant.

If you want to donate locally, you can call Johns Hopkins at 443-287-0134 or email For more information go to

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