Top baby names at one local hospital

Mason and Olivia were the top baby names at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson last year.

The hospital delivered 4,254 babies in 2011 and 34 were named Mason and 33 Olivia. Other popular names were Jacob, Andrea, Ava and Madison.

Many of the names on the GBMC list followed national trends. Here is what says are the most popular names around the country.

Olivia has been among the top 10 at GBMC in each of the past five years, including ranking three times as the most popular.  It was the fourth-most popular girls name last year nationwide according to the list.

Mason finisheed second at GBMC in 2010, and this year’s survey notes Mason “is coming up strong," finishing third nationwide after finishing 11th in 2010.

This is the fifth year GBMC has ranked baby names. Here is the entire list. Baby Boy NamesBaby Girl NamesMason (34)   Olivia (33)Jacob & Ryan (32)   Ava (27)Andrew (30)  Madison (24)Ethan & Liam (27)Isabella (22)Noah (25)     Elizabeth, Emily, Emma (19)Benjamin, Jackson & Matthew (24)Abigail & Grace (18)Aiden, Nathan & William (20)Chloe, London  & Sophia (17)Charles, Gavin, Jack, John, Michael & Nicholas (18)       Anna , Charlotte & Ella (16)Alexander , Carter & Luke (17)Sydney (15)  Owen & Tyler  (16)  Zoe & Zoey (13) 

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