Latest disciplinary action by Md. Board of Physicians

The Maryland Board of Physicians has released the list of doctors and other medical professionals who were sanctioned in September. Here is a summary of the actions; for more information, see The Baltimore Sun's Consuming Interests blog. The list:

Romeo A. Ferrer, M.D., OB/GYN, Severna Park. Summary suspension. Improperly administered anesthesia.

Thomas L. Fieldson, M.D., General practice, Waldorf. Summary suspension of June 10, 2010, is vacated, probation for 5 years subject to terms and conditions; and restriction from practicing pain management medicine and dispensing any opiates or benzodiazepine medications for any longer than 3 days and only in an emergency situation. Failed to meet standards of care.

William Gill, M.D., General practice, Westover. Permanent surrender. Unprofessional conduct.

Scott S. Haswell, M.D., Internal medicine, Monkton. The suspension imposed by the July 23, 2009, order is terminated; the physician's license to practice medicine is reinstated; Probation for 3 years subject to terms and conditions. Met conditions of board.

James P. Matthews, M.D., Family medicine, Gaithersburg. Probation for 5 years subject to terms and conditions. Unprofessional conduct.

Deborah McCabe, unlicensed, Salisbury. Fine of $10,000; Cease and desist from the practice of medicine. Practiced medicine without a license.

James J. Mond, M.D., Internal medicine, Gaithersburg. Administrative fine of $750; terms and conditions. Did not obtain required continuing education credits.

Nicola I. Riley, M.D., Family practice, Salt Lake City, Utah. Order for Summary Suspension of license issued on August 31, 2010 continued after postdeprivation hearing. Poor medical judgment.

Tina M. Robertson, unlicensed, Port Tobacco. Fine of $5,000. Performed laser surgery without certification.

Dinesh B. Shah, M.D., Internal medicine, North East. The August 26, 2010 Stay of the Order for Summary suspension is vacated; the physician's license is thereby again suspended. Practiced pain management while prohibited by board.

Ali Shamaeizadeh, M.D., Family Practice, Richmond, Ky. Denial of reinstatement. Misuse of role as physician.

George Shepard, Jr., M.D., OB/GYN, Seaford, Del. Order for Summary Suspension issued on August 31, 2010 continued after postdeprivation hearing. Practiced with unlicensed individual.

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