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Timeline: Mark Midei and the stents case

January 2008

: Dr. Mark Midei leaves MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Associates to become a full-time employee of St. Joseph Medical Center, leading a former colleague to vow revenge against him.


April 27, 2009

: A MidAtlantic cardiologist informs one of Midei's patients — an St. Joseph's employee — that his stent was unnecessary. The man reports the concern to hospital staff. .


May 12, 2009

: St. Joseph relieves Midei from duty after performing an internal review of his work.

November 2009

: St. Joseph begins sending letters to roughly 600 of Midei's patients telling them they might have had unneeded stents implanted in their coronary arteries and suggesting that they see a doctor. The warnings lead to dozens of lawsuits against the hospital and Midei.

May 2010

: State regulatory documents indicate that Midei was able to avoid St. Joseph's peer review process because, as a department head, he chose which cases would be reviewed.

June 2010

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: State regulators reviewing billing records determine that other doctors in Maryland have suspiciously high rates of placing stents.


Oct. 22, 2010

: Midei files a $60 million lawsuit against St. Joseph alleging that it made him into a "sacrificial lamb" to deflect the attention of civil investigators looking into a separate kickback scheme between the hospital and MidAtlantic.

Nov. 10, 2010

: St. Joseph agrees to a $22 million fine to settle kickback claims and repay Medicare funds received for questionable stents placed by Midei.

Dec. 6, 2010

: The U.S. Senate Finance Committee releases a report questioning whether stent maker Abbott Laboratories "indirectly encouraged" unnecessary stent procedures.