The state is relocating 61 employees at the Spring Grove Medical Center in Catonsville because of extensive flood damage caused by the same storms that destroyed businesses in downtown Ellicott City last month.

The Maryland Health Department said that the employees work in the Bland Bryant building of the psychiatric hospital. The building is home to the state’s Office of Health Care Quality, which oversees the safety of Maryland hospitals and health facilities.


The workers are being set up in parts of the building where there was no flood damage.

Water entered the building during the storms on May 27. Health Secretary Robert R. Neall declared an emergency because of the damage on May 31.

Torrential rains on Sunday caused flooding in Catonsville and Oella, chewing up pavement, toppling trees and flooding homes.

The health department went through an emergency procurement process and has hired four contractors including a water remediation company, a general contractor, a roofing contractor, and a separate contractor who will assess the entire building and make additional recommendations for renovations.

Contractors have blocked off areas where they are working to keep employees safe, the health department said.

As part of the clean up process, carpets that were too damaged to be sanitized and repaired are being removed. Fans and dehumidifiers are being used to dry out areas where it is safe to keep carpets.

Most of the furniture in the building will be kept, the health department said.

There was also flooding in the Noyes Building, a long-term in patient facility. The damage was not extensive and there was no safety threat to patients, according to the health department. Clean-up efforts at that building are also taking place.