How we work out: Soul Ride

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The buzzing of exercise bikes fills the air as eager participants begin warming up for the Soul Ride spin class at 8 a.m. Saturday at Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness Club.

The instructor turns on her headset microphone and cues up the playlist she has created for the session. Then she kills the lights.

The buzzing from the bikes gets louder as the class begins to fight through varying speeds and levels of resistance. She calls out instructions as the bass pulses through the speakers in the dimly lit room.

The cycles spin for a solid 30 minutes before coming to a halt. The class then switches to a brief free-weight workout for arms and shoulders while remaining perched on their cycles. After about five minutes of free weights, it's back to spinning for another 20 minutes. The intensity hits its peak as the last few minutes wind down. Then the mats come out and the sweat-drenched class hits the floor to work out their cores for another 5 or 10 minutes.

About Soul Body: Soul Body was created by Stacey Vandiver and Ann Marie Barbour in September 2010. The two health-conscious mothers offer a variety of innovative workout classes that revolve around barre, cycling and yoga. "We wanted a place that we were not going to a studio for yoga and a studio for barre and another gym for cycling," said Vandiver. "We wanted to create everything in one and we really liked our approach of a more mind-body focus.".Schedules can be viewed at their website,

Why one participant can't get enough: "I had taken spin classes before, and I found them to be sort of boring," said Jamie Seward, a Maryland assistant attorney general and former Division I athlete who ran track at the University of Colorado at Boulder. But something about Soul Body immediately stood out to her. "It's different. It's not like every other spin class in Baltimore, it's better. It offers more, and I think everybody should try it."

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