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How we workout: Jeff Sherman's Fit Body Boot Camp

Members of Jeff Sherman's Fit Body Boot Camp are no strangers to sweating. Taught by personal trainer Sherman and his staff, workouts include intense boot camp-style exercises that rotate with every class. One class, you might be pulling ropes in a kind of tug of war; in the next, pushing sleds across the gym floor. "Some classes, ... I'm wiped out," said Susan O'Neil, an aesthetician at About Faces who regularly attends.

How they got started: Sherman, who got his personal training license at 18 years old, is a 10-year military veteran. In 2001, he opened up a one-on-one training studio, but he felt that his clients were not getting long-term results. He started the boot camp as a group exercise allowing members to train together and motivate one another. "Being in a group motivates [members] to do more inside and outside of the gym," said Sherman. "No one wants to be the only person who doesn't get results."

Who's in the group: Men and women ranging from their 20s to 60s.

Why it's a workout: Each class is targeted toward a specific muscle group. Boot campers are taught conditioning and strength exercises that use their body weight — pushups, pullups and planks — and also use equipment like weights and kettle bells.

Why they do it: "Years ago, I did step classes and aerobic classes, and I got bored with it. I didn't belong there," said O'Neil, who has dropped three dress sizes and inches off her waist since beginning the classes in January 2010. "When I did classes like step, it was always the same move over and over." Some members of the boot camp also get together for other activities including the annual Baltimore Running Festival and Tough Mudder races.

Details: Boot camp classes are offered eight times a day on weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. There are three morning classes on Saturdays. For information about monthly memberships, call 443-226-6799. Jeff Sherman's Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 71 W. Timonium Road, Timonium.