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Panel regulating Maryland hospitals services gets new chair

An orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Andrew N. Pollak, has been appointed as chair of the Maryland Health Care Commission, the state panel that regulates hospitals and health care facilities.

Pollak is expected to oversee a modernizing of the state’s certificate of need program, which determines the services that are offered at the state’s hospitals.

The commission also has been expanding on the cost and quality information provided to the public and working to help doctors move away from a strictly fee-for-service model to more “value-based” care that is the centerpiece of a state-wide effort to curb health care costs and improve care.

Gov. Larry Hogan appointed Pollak, a professor and chair of the department of orthopedics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

He will take over this week from Dr. Robert Moffit. Pollak has served on the panel since 2015, though he also served a four-year term under the appointment of Gov. Robert Ehrlich.

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