Johns Hopkins School of Nursing wins grant to expand aging-in-place program

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was given a $3 million grant to implement an aging-in-place program for seniors across the country.

The five-year program aims to help lower-income adults improve function, lesson disability and age in their homes, which research has shown can be a cost saver and is paid for in some states by Medicare and Medicaid, health programs for the elderly and the poor.

The grant will be used to pay for worker training through health care agencies across the country and fund staffing at Hopkins to support the program.

The grant was made by the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation to the Hopkins program called Community Aging in Place Advancing Better Living for Elders, or CAPABLE. It is already operating in 25 sites in 12 states and demand is growing, according to program officials.

Under the program, seniors get home visits from nurses, occupational therapists and handymen who may add hand rails or lower shelves.

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