Work out like Katniss

Want to work out like Katniss? The Maryland Athletic Club has developed a Hunger Gamesworkout.

The four-week program is designed to “bring out your inner tribute,” by testing your endurance, reflexes and natural strength.

Officials say the workouts will get progressively more intense (though there’s no mention of arrows, fire balls or genetically altered dogs.)

The program will feature:

Week 1 is “District 12,” which includes iceskaters, spiderman push-ups, inverted rows, ball slams, suicide sprints, straight punches and jumping squats.

Week 2 is the “Cornucopia,” which inlcudes 5-minute intervals, straight punches, jumping squats, weighted lunges, mountain clumbers and burpees.

Week 3 is “Katniss’ Workout,” which includes TRX power rows, TRX inverted rows, Vipr ice skaters, Vipr shuffle.

Week 4 is the “Alliance-Partner up for a Strong Finish-Peeta Style,” which includes tire slams, sit-ups until your partner is finished, Vipr gladiators, walking plank until your partner is finished, suicide springs and ball slams until partner is finished.

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