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Health Care for the Homeless gets a $50,000 grant from UnitedHealthcare of Maryland

Health Care for the Homeless gets $50,000 from UnitedHealthcare to collect data to improve services.

Health Care for the Homeless will use a $50,000 grant from a large insurer to collect data on its clients that it hopes will help improve programming.

 UnitedHealthcare of Maryland presented the grant to the non-profit Thursday at its headquarters clinic downtown.

The money will be used to track hospitalization and incarceration rates of people in the non-profit's supportive housing program - which gives support to homeless as they transition into homes of their own.

Data will also be collected on client's engagement with medical, mental health and addiction treatment plans.

Accurate data on homelessness is hard to get because of the challenge in tracking a population that is largely invisible and transient. Health Care for the Homeless and  United Healthcare believe access to quality housing can help end homelessness and improve health outcomes.

A University of Maryland study of Health Care for the Homeless’ early supportive-housing efforts found that after six months, more than 90 percent of supportive-housing clients experienced improved health.

Health Care for the Homeless provided health services to  9,200 homeless people  in 2014 and about 1,000 were enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s Medicaid plans.

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