Mosi Smith is an accomplished ultra-distance runner who plans to shepherd a group of Midshipmen through Monday's marathon. The Baltimore Sun talked with Smith, who has had a seven-year career as an officer with the Marines, about his race plans, his choice to run the Bull Run 50 Mile race on the weekend leading into the marathon, and his fundraising work. Here are some excerpts from that Sunday phone interview:

The Baltimore Sun: You drove from the Virginia race Saturday night, then took a plane Sunday morning for Boston. Is that normal for you, backing up a 50-miler with a marathon? Is that common?


Smith: It's not normal -- it's a short time frame -- but I've run multiple races before, weekend after weekend.

The Baltimore Sun: And you organize as well as running?

Smith: Yes sir. I was a longtime member of the Annapolis Striders, and then about a year ago, I started serving on the board of directors. This is going to be the third year we actually have it, but I organized a race called the Endless Summer six-hour run -- it's usually held at the end of July -- and it's located at Quiet Waters Park, in Annapolis ... everybody goes out at 7:30 a.m. in the morning, and people just run and keep it loose and, and they get a six-hour workout.

Another way that I've tried to raise funds and awareness for the Semper Fi Fund, in addition -- is the 1in10 campaign that my buddy Rob and I started back in 2010 -- [Boston] is all tied into that as well.

The Baltimore Sun: Do you have a goal for the Boston race?

Smith: Not really. This will be my sixth Boston Marathon; I just want to enjoy it and make sure that the midshipmen are Ok. That's all ...

The Baltimore Sun: What happens after the marathon?

Smith: We'll probably get on the buses a couple hours after our last runner comes in and get back to Annapolis and be back about 1:30 Tuesday morning.

The Baltimore Sun: How many people are with your group that's running this together?

Smith: 25 total.

The Baltimore Sun: And you really don't have a goal time? Even informally?

Smith: Ideally, I like to keep things under 3:20. I'm training for another big race at the beginning of May, so I just wanted to get a bunch of miles under my legs -- stay healthy this month and kind of taper off the last week, and then get ready to run out there.

The Baltimore Sun: What are you training for in May?

Smith: The Badwater ultramarathon is a hundred-thirty-five miles. I ran that last year, and the organizers actually invited a bunch of us from last year to come and try out its little sister version of it. It's a race that starts on may sixth at the Salton Sea out there in San Diego County, California, and it goes to the top of Palomar Mountain.

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