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Working out can be more fun with others than alone, as these folks can attest. Check out our profiles of fitness classes held around the area or informal social groups who work out together. Then get moving.  
Yoga¿s image might be that of youthful, athletic women in skintight pants, but its popularity has mushroomed to include kids, the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, all of whom are turning to the practice for its health benefits.
The lights are low and the bass is thumping, but the cycle room at Rev Cycle Studio in McHenry Row is no dance club. Halfway into the studio's Rev60 Zen class — a "fusion" of 40 minutes of cycling and 20 of yoga — a dozen cyclists are pedaling (and sweating) hard, following instructor Esther Collinetti's demands to go harder.
Within a few minutes of starting the workout, all four students in the class were sweating and breathing hard. This is high-intensity interval training. Heavy on the intensity.
The class is fast-paced, with short breaks between exercises.
In the cavernous space of Mobtown Ballroom in Pigtown, a small group of women shimmy their hips and move their arms in time to drum solos and Middle Eastern pop music.
During Surfset, riders do squats, planks, lunges and other exercise moves on a surfboard that uses bands and rubber balls to emulate the unsteady waters of the ocean.
Tour the Severn River while stretching your muscles and mind in these summertime sessions.
While the thought of stretching the body in any number of directions might scare most men, instructor Paul Shapiro says that once you get used to yoga, it brings positive change. "Yoga is a lifestyle," said Shapiro, who holds classes at Yoga on York in Baltimore.
The new fitness studio's classes combine barre, Pilates and isometrics movementa to create long and lean muscles.
At Praisercise class, a brief scripture reading and prayer precedes the workout.
With a song list that includes "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," the Greater Baltimore Medical Center-sponsored Fit for Life program prides itself on exercising and having fun.
The pacing of Zumba Gold meets the needs of elderly residents by allowing them to copy the easy-to-follow movements.
'Paddlefusion' blends disciplines and provides a more intense workout.
How We Work Out: Rock Climbing at Earth Treks Timonium
Devotees come to Pam Smith's Jazzercise building in Glen Burnie several times a week for the exercise and the camaraderie.
Readers share their sweaty, happy workout stories.
These folks meet every Wednesday to ascend hills, cross rivers and traverse the parks of the Baltimore area.
Twice a week at the Bykota Senior Center in Towson, women meet for this class that combines ballet, folk and tap and other dance styles.
This military-inspired boot camp includes a non-stop circuit of exercises.
This class is part Pilates, part yoga and part ballet – and a full-on workout.
You'll get a great core workout and feel like you're walking on water with this fast-growing water sport.
Led by Bob Hunter, the activities director for Glen Meadows Retirement Community in Glen Arm, the 30-minute Music N' Motion class is a physical, social, intellectual and spiritual experience.
For more than five years they've been meeting weekly for exercise, friendship and laughter.
Taught by personal trainer Jeff Sherman and his group of staff in Timonium, workouts include intense boot camp-style circuit exercises that rotate with every class.
This yoga class works out together, and also works together on charity projects.
Dress up the boat like a dragon, grab an oar and get in on this ancient Chinese form of competition.
For more than 30 years, this class has been burning calories and busting moves
Seniors get in the Olympic spirit with a four-day competition
Four times a week at Millbrook Community Hall in Pikesville, the overhead lights are dimmed, the disco lights go on, the music starts and Dancematic Fitness gets the party started.
This 26-woman group takes to the streets (and piers) of the Inner Harbor every weekday morning.
Four times a week, groupies gather at the Garrison Forest School dance studio in Owings Mills to follow Samantha Satchell's high-energy choreographed routines.
Soul Body's spin class has a twist, as cyclists also work with free weights and take it to the mats.
Three times a week, this group of guys meet to work out at Owings Mills JCC, but the friendships that have formed go way beyond the gym
A group of women meet every Tuesday to play this court and paddle game that is kind of like badminton and kind of like tennis, and a little bit like pingpong. .
Twice a week, the diverse members of this group hit the road to run, no matter what the weather.
Clarksville middle school teachers in Howard County bond with afterschool group workouts
This group of women met more than 20 years ago to prepare for a marathon and they're still walking together once a week.
They call it hack and yack, and this group of women have bonded over their long horseback rides together.