Coverage: 'Death with Dignity' debate

Follow our coverage of the issue and its ongoing controversy.

Judge denies right-to-die doctor's petition for medical license reinstatement

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge denied Dr. Lawrence Egbert's request to reinstate his medical license Thursday, but not before expressing some sympathy for the right-to-die advocate linked to six deaths in Maryland.

Right-to-die advocates renew push in Maryland, have Busch's support

Bolstered by a victory in California this week, "death with dignity" advocates in Maryland have renewed their push to pass a law allowing terminally ill patients to use a prescription drug to end their lives.

Right-to-die group convicted of assisting in Minnesota suicide

The national right-to-die group Final Exit Network was convicted Thursday of assisting in the suicide of a Minnesota woman, after a Baltimore doctor who helped lead the organization and was present for the woman's death testified against it.

'Death with dignity' bill extinguished without a vote

Hope ended Wednesday for those who wanted to Maryland to pass a "death with dignity" law this year.

Raven O.J. Brigance joins emotional debate over 'death with dignity' bill

Fourteen years ago, O.J. Brigance delivered the first tackle in the Ravens' first Super Bowl win. Tuesday, testifying with a machine that replaced the voice ALS took from him, the former linebacker told state lawmakers his most significant feat came after he grieved his degenerative condition and decided to live.

Dying former official a focus of Maryland assisted suicide bill

Dick Israel spent more than two decades behind the scenes in Annapolis guiding lawmakers. Now he plans to spend his final months alive lobbying the them from afar, advocating for the right to die when he chooses, a final act of control over a disease that robbed him of it.

Discussion over 'death with dignity' emerging in Maryland

The death of Brittany Maynard under Oregon's death with dignity law last year is renewing a national debate over assisted suicide, including whether to legalize it in Maryland.

Howard legislator is primary House sponsor for death with dignity bill

A member of Howard County's General Assembly delegation is the primary sponsor for a bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill Marylanders.

NPR host Diane Rehm emerges as a key force in the right-to-die debate

For NPR's Diane Rehm, the inability of the dying to get legal medical help to end their lives has been a recurring topic on her show. But her husband's slow death helped compel her to enter the contentious right-to-die debate.

Md. prosecutors considered charges against doctor who helped with suicides

Prosecutors from across Maryland met in 2009 to discuss filing charges against Dr. Lawrence Egbert, the Baltimore anesthesiologist who says he has assisted in 15 suicides in the state.

Md. board backs continual monitoring of charges against doctors

Maryland doctors would be fingerprinted and continuously monitored for criminal charges under draft legislation the state Board of Physicians plans to propose next year.

Annapolis woman joins push for `death with dignity' law

Catherine Weber has taken her death into her hands by joining up with Denver-based Compassion and Choices, which launched a National Call to Action on Wednesday in Annapolis to call for Death with Dignity Legislation.