Close-up on South Windsor

The Hartford Courant

HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: Originally settled as a part of East Windsor in the mid-1600s, SouthWindsor was incorporated as a town in May 1845.

FIRST AMERICAN CIGAR: Tobacco was brought north from Virginia in 1640, and by the 18thcentury, the crop dominated the Windsor area. Tobacco leaves were originally exported beforebeing rolled, but in 1801, a Main Street resident known as Mrs. Prout, the wife of a farmer, rolled thefirst American cigar. Mrs. Prout's gentleman's cigar was made of broadleaf and sold for 5 cents.She soon recruited other farmers wives to help roll and sell her cigars, which became known asWindsor particulars or long nines.

NOTABLE RESIDENTS: Famous people who have lived in South Windsor include Jonathan Fitch,who invented the steam boat in 1785; Eli Terry, the famous clockmaker; Alex Grossi, guitarist forheavy metal band Quiet Riot; Marcus Camby, NBA basketball player; and Oliver Wolcott, a signer ofthe Declaration of Independence.

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