Aug. 12, 7:02 p.m.: Great Games That Were Great To Be A Part Of

This morning I stood near Trafalgar Square to watch the men's marathon. Abdirahman, a U.S. runner, dropped out the race right in front of me after experiencing knee pain. Behind me, an argument broke out between two British women who were both trying to stand in the same spot! A police man ultimately had to get involved. After lunch, we watched the U.S. men's basketball team win gold at a pub in Leicester Square. Tonight we will watch the closing ceremony at my grandparents' house. Earlier this week, there was some talk of additional tickets expected to be released the day of the ceremony, but that doesn't seem to have occurred. This will be my last post, as I will be heading to Paris in the morning for a few days. The 2012 Games were a great success and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. - Zaynah Abid, Killingworth

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