James Madison

Historical Pages: Page 2 of the Feb. 22, 1809 Connecticut Courant on the election of James Madison March 16, 1751 - June 28, 1836 Religion: Episcopalian Marriage: Dolley Payne Todd Military service: He was commissioned a colonel from Orange County, Va., during the War for American Independence but discharged due to frail health before he saw any action. Term: March 4, 1809 -- March 3, 1817 Vice presidents: George Clinton, 1809-1812; Elbridge Gerry, 1813-1814; vacant, 1814-1817 Highlights of presidency: The impressment of American sailors into the British Navy sparked the War of 1812. Victories on Lake Erie by Capt. Oliver Perry and at New Orleans by Gen. Andrew Jackson in 1815 ended the war. Did you know? Traditionally Madison is called the "Father of the Constitution." He served as a U.S. House member from Virginia, 1789-1797, and secretary of state, 1801-1809. His nickname was Jemmy. He is the shortest president at 5 feet, 4 inches, and he weighed just 100 pounds. His wife, Dolley, saved Gilbert Stuart's famous painting of George Washington shortly before British soldiers burned the White House.
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