Putting New Haven Back Together

Farther downtown in New Haven, work continues on the beginning of the ambitious Downtown Crossing/Route 34 construction project. It's certainly meant more traffic, but ultimately it should result in a newly designed and more pedestrian- and bike-friendly cityscape that promises to bring more than 1,000 high-paying professional jobs back into the city, coupled with 2,000 construction jobs. In fact, the first glimpse of this good news will be on the corner of College Street and Frontage Road with the construction of Alexion Pharmaceuticals' new corporate headquarters. This building will signal the beginning of a more cohesive, livable city, according to Jim Travers, head of New Haven's department of transportation. "We're slowly knitting the city back together," Travers said. "By removing the highway that's separated the city and replacing it with urban buildings, we are bringing civility back to the city streets of New Haven."
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