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The 20 most over-the-top fast food menu items of all time

Fast food is, almost by definition, predictable. Even before setting foot inside your local McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC, you probably have a pretty good idea of what’s on offer and what you’re planning on ordering. But occasionally a fast food item comes out of the woodwork that completely throws us for a loop.

In recent years, lots of fast food chains have been looking to drum up publicity by introducing new menu items (many of which are limited-time offerings) that work their way into the news cycle based on novelty alone; for examples in the past few months alone, look no further than Burger King’s Bacon Cheesy Tots or KFC’s Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. But some items, especially international ones, really go above and beyond.

Some of these menu items came and went, some were nothing short of fast-food game-changers. But they all have one thing in common: They’re completely over-the-top. (This story originally appeared on The Daily Meal.)

Dan Myers, The Daily Meal
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