Menu at Hersh’s in South Baltimore
Menu at Hersh’s in South Baltimore (Handout art)

Above the choices for antipasto, at the top of the menu where they list the specials, the pizza shop owners wrote their presidential rebuttal.

Others might shy from using such language on a dinner menu, but not Stephanie Hershkovitz and not Hersh’s in South Baltimore. Her weekend menus stated this:


“The U.S. once considered Italian immigrants to be from a shithole country. Glad that’s changed, or we’d live in a culinary wasteland of well-done steak & ketchup.”

Photos of the pithy menus spread online. Diners delighted, she said.

“They just think it’s hilarious,” said Hershkovitz, co-owner of the Riverside restaurant. “It’s kind of fun for us also.”

It was a nod to President Donald Trump’s comments in which he reportedly said immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations come from “shithole countries.”

Over the weekend, the word “shithole” was projected on Trump’s D.C. hotel. Airbnb promoted listings in the “shithole” countries. And in Baltimore, Hersh’s reminded patrons that the people who gave us pizza were once so maligned.

“My brother and I own the restaurant and were kind of offended — not kind of, were really offended,” Hershkovitz said.

By Sunday, she had new dinner menus; they change every few days. But Hershkovitz said she may dabble again in poltical wordplay.

It all depends on what the president tweets.