The Chasseur is adding a third floor that will become an open-air bar.
The Chasseur is adding a third floor that will become an open-air bar. (Kaitlin Newman / Baltimore Sun)

The Chasseur is constructing a third-floor addition that will provide patrons with water views and a rooftop breeze.

The Canton restaurant began construction on a third-floor bar this spring, and it's expected to open by late July or early August.


The addition, which will be used year-round, will incorporate rolling garage doors and a retractable skylight.

The Chasseur in Canton is a likable enough tavern. Think of it as the kind of place where you can sit down for a good square meal of well-prepared comfort food and then, if you're feeling perky, spend some time at the adjacent bar with your friends and neighbors.

General manager Natalie diFrancesco said the restaurant is still finalizing menus for each floor. The first-floor kitchen will continue to serve the entire space, while the upstairs will also incorporate a raw bar and panini press.

In order to minimize demands on the kitchen, diFrancesco expects the Chasseur will ultimately have three menus: one exclusively for the first floor, one for the third floor and a hybrid for both.

"We're kind of playing around with that," diFrancesco said.

The upstairs bar will focus on crushes with rotating seasonal flavors such as watermelon in late summer, apple cider in the fall and mint julep in the spring.

The new floor will add 40 to 60 seats to the restaurant's 80 seats downstairs.

"I've been wanting to add a rooftop bar from the moment we opened," diFrancesco said. "We're at one of the highest points in Canton… Why not take advantage of where we are in Canton, take advantage of the view?"

When the third floor opens, the Chasseur will close its first floor for about two weeks for updates, including new flooring in the dining area and kitchen, and reconfiguring the bar.

The 4-year-old restaurant is located at 3328 Foster Ave.

Early last month, Canton lost a charming bar called Adam's Eve Gastropub. It was not transcendent or life-altering, nor did it aim to be.