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Charmery creates White Rabbit-themed ice cream for Houston hurricane relief

Charmery owners David and Laura Alima in their Hampden ice cream shop. The shop is donating proceeds from sales of its Nivens McTwisp flavor to benefit the family and employees of Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream Co. in Houston.

The Charmery has whipped up a new ice cream flavor to benefit a similar shop in Houston and provide relief following Hurricane Harvey.

The Hampden ice cream haven is serving up a cherry and poppy seed ice cream with chocolate chunks called Nivens McTwisp, which pays homage to a signature flavor at Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream Co. in Houston. Proceeds from the flavor, named for the White Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland," will go directly to the Houston shop.


Charmery owner David Alima said he had been toying with the idea of hosting guest ice cream makers and serving their flavors, and raising money for hurricane relief was a good opportunity to create an interpretation of another shop's well-known flavor.

Alima said he has never visited Chocolate Wasted but had heard of the shop and felt it shared the same spirit as the Charmery.


"They make ice cream the way that we make ice cream," he said. "They use real ingredients and put a lot of love in their flavors, and their whole vibe just seemed to match ours."

Alima wanted to support Houston in a way that directly benefited individuals there. He said family and employees of Chocolate Wasted had been affected by the hurricane, which killed at least 60 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

"This feels like a different kind of thing and it's a way that we can help in a really personal way," he said.

Alima expects the Nivens McTwisp ice cream to be available for three or four more days. The Charmery is also donating profits from its Labor Day weekend sales to Chocolate Wasted.

Local eateries and organizations continue to hold fundraisers for Hurricane Harvey relief. Magerk's Pub in Federal Hill will donate 15 percent of its Tuesday sales to hurricane relief. Part of the proceeds from the sale of art notes at the Little Italy Madonnari Arts Festival (Thursday-Sunday) will be donated to relief efforts. And on Sept. 19, the Avenue Kitchen & Bar, which recently replaced Le Garage in Hampden, will host a wine tasting from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., with proceeds going to the Red Cross. Tickets are $35 per person.

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Other Baltimore restaurants that have hosted fundraisers for Hurricane Harvey relief include La Food Marketa and Parts & Labor.



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