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Trolls accused her of ‘poisoning’ Lamar Jackson after Ravens loss. But this Baltimore restaurant owner shut them down.

After the Baltimore Ravens experienced a season-ending 28-12 defeat to the Tennessee Titans, some fans took out their frustration on a west side restaurant owner who posed alongside Lamar Jackson in a viral Instagram photo.

Thousands “liked” and hundreds commented on the photo of Cia Carter of Miss Carter’s Kitchen after the Ravens quarterback visited her soul food place in search of banana pudding Friday. Jackson and some of his teammates didn’t find the pudding, but they spent about $500 on her other dishes at the West Baltimore eatery.


But by Sunday, the positive stream of comments gave way to checkered accusations and negativity with some blaming the Ravens’ loss and Jackson’s performance on Carter’s cooking.


“Hadda be sum innat chicken thatchu gave my QB,” according to one comment on Carter’s post. “He was [out] there cramping up inna stomach🤦‍♂️ why you do it?” It should be noted – neither Jackson nor experts made mention of cramps affecting the quarterback’s night.

One user online claimed Carter “poisoned my quarterback.”

At this point, Carter had enough. She wrote back," he’s been eating it all year dummy."

“What you put in the pudding? You a undercover Titans fan or something?" another asked.

“You sound stupid,” Carter snapped back.

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There were others who voiced their support for Carter with some calling out Ravens fan who, “will blame anything on a loss.”

Carter, a Sandtown native, told The Baltimore Sun she wasn’t bothered by the backlash Sunday morning.

“They’re angry at me and they’re blaming me,” Carter said by phone. “I don’t get it, but I have a lot of supporters.”


Carter, who spoke to The Sun as she worked inside of her Edmondson Avenue location, said she’s “just in my kitchen doing what I do every day.”

Carter opened her first restaurant on North Liberty Street in 2017, and before that she cooked from home and delivered the food to customers. In 2018, she opened the West Baltimore location of Miss Carter’s Kitchen that the Ravens visited Friday. In the next few months, Carter plans to debut a sit-down restaurant in the downtown area.

Ravens fans online are now “cooling down” after the loss, Carter said, and she’s beginning to see more people comment again to share their appreciation for her business. She wants people to “really look at what you’re saying and what you’re doing,” because talking “down on a business because a team lost a game is nonsense” and “stupidity,” she said.

“You can’t let them beat you. You got to beat them,” she said.