April Fools': THB is not making marijuana-laced bagels, and other jokes

April Fools': THB is not making marijuana-laced bagels, and other jokes
A post on THB's Facebook page Sunday claimed the bagel shop would begin making marijuana-infused bagels. It was an April Fools' joke. (Courtesy of THB Bagelry & Deli)

No, THB Bagelry & Deli won’t offer cannabis-infused bagels anytime soon. And Tony Bennett didn’t buy Frazier’s on the Avenue.

If you believed those claims, you got duped as bars and restaurants like THB and Frazier’s joined the April Fools’ fun on Sunday.


Here are just a few of the jokes local establishments posted on the annual prank holiday.

“THB with THC! Cannabis-infused bagels are coming to a dispensary near you!” THB posted on its Facebook page Sunday morning.

THB spokeswoman Tracy Roman said in an email the bagelry was still getting questions about its fictional weed bagels Monday.

Meanwhile, Frazier’s claimed iconic jazz singer Bennett bought the Hampden bar.

“We will be changing our name to Tony Bennett’s House of Ribs with extra emphasis on the BBQ! Tony may have left his heart in San Francisco, but his stomach is right here in Baltimore!” the bar’s Instagram post read.

That was followed Monday morning by another post explaining the joke.

“Sorry, Tony, you can’t have Frazier’s … April Fools! Although, I do like the idea of a Night of 100 Tony Bennetts whilst enjoying some BBQ. Will file that idea away for another day.”

At Station North Arts Cafe, owner Kevin Brown suggested another celebrity bought his building.

“Good news, Baltimore. It's official now, so we can talk about it,” Brown posted on his Facebook page. “Billionaire Oprah Winfrey secretly purchased the Station North Arts Cafe Gallery building, donated it to us and promised to be here for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Thanks Oprah!”

Hamilton Tavern had a good laugh, too, with a long post on its Facebook page about retiring its Crosstown Burger in favor of a burger made with frozen ingredients.

“Let's start with the bun. We'll now be getting frozen brioche rolls by the pallet instead of delivered fresh from Stonemill Bakery & Cafe. It's pretty close.”

The post went on to describe the other changes: eggs from Restaurant Depot instead of Jade Farm, no more bacon — “Making the magic bacon is a lot of work. So we're going to stop doing that. We need that extra time to defrost everything.” — Kraft Singles instead of horseradish cheddar, and lettuce, onion and condiments on the side. Lastly, the tavern suggested replacing its Roseda Farm patties with Bubba Burgers.

“Frozen factory beef is good enough for McDonald's, so why not Hamilton Tavern?” the post continued. “We're also going to increase the price of the burger by a dollar. Why? Profits!”