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Cockeyed Cow Saloon in Pigtown rebranding as Old Major this month

The logo for Old Major, a corner bar in Pigtown. The bar is named after a character from George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

A new owner is rebranding Cockeyed Cow Saloon in Pigtown as Old Major, a casual neighborhood hangout.

Owner Candice Bruno of Washington said Friday that the new concept will be in place by March 29, the Orioles’ opening day. Cosmetic renovations are underway, though the Cockeyed Cow Saloon will remain open during the transition.


Bruno said she purchased the property, which came with the liquor license, in November. She said she has spent a lot of time talking to Cockeyed Cow regulars about ways to improve the space. Her goal is update and freshen up the dive bar’s design, and to strengthen its role within Pigtown’s community.

“I’m just hoping we can be a meeting place for people,” Bruno said. “We can bring the old neighbors and newer neighbors together in one space, and just be an affordable place.”


Over the next couple weeks, Bruno will address Cockeyed Cow’s lack of beer draft lines. She plans to install a system for 10 lines that will spotlight local beers.

Old Major will serve familiar bar fare, including pizza, sliders and wings, she said. The bar will open at 7 a.m., so Old Major plans to sell light breakfast items as well, Bruno said.

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Bruno has added wood flooring and exposed brick walls, she said. There are plans to replace windows and doors to add more natural lighting, and the bathrooms will be redone as well, she said.

When it came time to choose a name, Bruno said she was thinking of famous pigs. She settled on the pig that spurred the animal revolution in the George Orwell novel “Animal Farm.”

“I kind of have a thing for dystopian novels,” Bruno said with a laugh.

Eventually, Old Major will open its second floor with an area for games like shuffleboard, pool and darts, Bruno said. There will also be a separate room for private events that Bruno hopes will double as a space for speakers and community forums.

Bruno hopes Old Major can add to positive news coming to Pigtown recently. She pointed to Suspended Brewing Company’s opening as another nice addition. The hope is this is just the beginning for the neighborhood.

“I think it’s going to be a good spot for old and new alike,” Bruno said. “We’re just looking to be one of the positive forces in the neighborhood.”


Old Major will be located at 900 S. Carey St. It will be open daily from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.