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Cafe, beer garden from Clavel owner, and coffee bar coming to Old Goucher

This fall, a new cafe, beer garden and coffee bar are coming to the Old Goucher neighborhood.

Known as Socle, the complex will feature the cafe Larder, the beer garden Fadensonnen and Sophomore Coffee, according to Lane Harlan, one of Fadensonnen’s founders. The space in the 2200 block of Maryland Ave. will also have an artist residency.

Operated by owner/chef Helena del Pesco, Larder will serve lunch such as salads, soups and slow-cooked comfort foods made with ingredients from local farmers. The space will feature a communal table and cafe tables. Larder is del Pesco’s first brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“The farm-to-table restaurants in Baltimore seem more focused on dinner, so I did like the idea of being able to take that philosophy and apply it to a lunch menu,” said del Pesco, who moved to Baltimore from San Francisco two years ago.

As a concept, Fadensonnen preceded Clavel, Harlan’s popular Remington taqueria, but Harlan never gave up on the idea, she said. In late October, Harlan — along with Matthew Pierce, potential partner Bryan Ranere* and managing partner Zack Genin — will open Fadensonnen, a beer garden with a 148-seat open-air courtyard and a more intimate second-floor bar focusing on natural wine and Japanese sake. The establishment is named after a 1968 German poem by Paul Celan.

Larder plans to host pop-up dinner events at Fadensonnen, del Pesco said.

Those in search of coffee and tea this fall will be able to stop at Sophomore Coffee’s coffee bar at Socle. Owned by Ann Fortune and Kris Fulton, Sophomore’s space will feature 14 seats, though patrons will be able to take their orders to the courtyard shared between Socle’s tenants. Next spring, the company plans to add outdoor seating near the entrance.

*Update, Thursday, Dec. 20 at noon: This article has been updated to reflect Bryan Ranere’s role at Fadensonnen. At the time the article was published, Ranere was a potential partner in the operation.


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