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Old Bay hot sauce is coming back. Here’s how to get your hands on some.

The manufacturer of Old Bay hot sauce announced Wednesday that the condiment will return to local stores next week for a limited run — and chances are the lines are already starting to form.

When the sauce launched in January by the Hunt Valley-based McCormick & Co., it sold out online within an hour. In addition, the spice company’s website crashed, likely from all the traffic.


Perhaps not wishing to repeat that experience, bottles of the sauce sold exclusively in stores and will have a recommended price of $3.49.

“Old Bay fans are extremely passionate and loyal,” Jill Pratt, a spokeswoman for the distinctive spice mixture, said in a news release. “We are happy to let them know our hot sauce is back for the summer.”


The company describes the sauce as “tangy with a kick of heat, and that distinctive Chesapeake flavor."

So in-demand was the sauce that some purchasers immediately scalped it on eBay, offering 10-ounce bottles that retailed for less than $4 for up to $200.

“We quickly discovered that fans all over America, and even the world, were seeking it out,” Pratt said. “We’ve been fielding requests for its return ever since.”

Chains selling the sauce will include Food Lion, Giant, Safeway, Walmart and Wegman’s. More details and a full list of retailers can be found at and on Instagram.