No, Nolan Reimold won't appear on 'Property Brothers' — but his house will

No, Nolan Reimold won't appear on 'Property Brothers' — but his house will
From left: Jonathan Scott, Asher Reimold, Jenny Reimold, Nolan Reimold and Drew Scott pose for a photo in front of the Reimolds' Franklin, Tenn., home, which was filmed for an upcoming episode of "Property Brothers." (Courtesy of Jenny Reimold)

The Tennessee home of Nolan Reimold, a former outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, was recently filmed for the popular HGTV show “Property Brothers.” But the retired baseball player and his family won’t actually appear on the show.

On Saturday, Reimold’s wife, Jenny, posted photos and video on Twitter of “Property Brothers” hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott, who came to their home to shoot an episode tentatively scheduled to air in October, she said.


In the typical narrative arc of a “Property Brothers” episode, a young couple tours their dream home, which checks all the boxes they desire and is usually way out of their price range. The Reimolds’ new home — which they moved into five months ago from Jacksonville Beach, Fla., for a “lifestyle change,” Jenny Reimold said — was used as a couple’s dream home, she said.

“We are kind of the inspiration home for a ‘Property Brothers’ episode,” Jenny Reimold said. (An HGTV spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

The realtor who helped the Reimolds — a family of nine — find their Franklin, Tenn., home also works with “Property Brothers,” she said, which led to the connection. The realtor was impressed with the Reimolds’ designs, including a kitchen nook they turned into a larger lounge with a 9-foot farmhouse table, according to Jenny Reimold.

Getting the house “TV ready” — removing all personal photos, kids’ toys, unapproved art on the walls — was a long process, she said, but ultimately “so much fun.” She described the show hosts as gracious and funny, and noted they seemed even taller in person.

“They made Nolan look small, actually,” Jenny Reimold said with a laugh. “Nolan is a 6-foot-4 [inch] professional athlete, and they are just big guys.”

The former Orioles draft pick impressed them as well, she said.

“They were joking about using Nolan’s baseball swing as part of the [demolition] crew for the next house,” Jenny Reimold said. “I joked he was retired and trying to figure out what to do next.”

The 34-year-old Reimold, whose career featured eight seasons with the Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and Arizona Diamondbacks, plans to enjoy the summer with his family, his wife said.

“Nolan is now very involved in the school pick-up and drop-off,” she said. “He’s going to lots of ballet and dance lessons.”

She said he’d like to work in the baseball industry, and will see if any opportunities arise come early fall.

“I know he would love an opportunity to work with the Orioles. That’s his team,” Jenny Reimold said.