Give Natural Light credit: The idea to sell 77 beers inside packaging that doubles as a cooler exclusively to the College Park area has plenty of people talking.

It’s even led to at least one Maryland liquor store looking to cash in on the hype in its own cheeky way.


Harbour Liquors in Riviera Beach has bundled a DIY version: Four 18-packs and 5 loose Natural Lights — yes, that’s 77 — for $41.99.

Store manager Owen Kiriazoglou said his father, who owns the store in Anne Arundel County, saw the news reports and reaction on social media to the Natural Light 77-pack, and wanted to have some fun with the moment.

“We did that mostly as a joke,” Kiriazoglou said. “Since we weren’t able to buy the 77 pack from our distributor … he just thought it’d be a funny way to draw some attention to our store. We’re pretty much just having fun.”

The store hasn’t sold any DIY-packs yet, but the manager said they’ve received calls about it. If they end up selling, the store plans to continue to sell the package, Kiriazoglou said.

There’s been no shortage of reaction to the beer company’s marketing move, particularly on social media. Here’s a selection of how people have reacted.

With appreciation (and wallets opened):

With disgust:

With jealousy:

With “well, duh”:

With astonishment:

With shots fired: