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Jack's Bistro will close this month, but its owner is opening two more bars

Jack's Bistro, a celebrated corner restaurant and bar in Canton, will close for good after its final dinner service on Jan. 21.

Jack’s Bistro, a Canton restaurant that often appears on best restaurants lists, will end a decade-plus run when it serves its final meal on Jan. 21, said chef and owner Ted Stelzenmuller.

Slated to close since last year, the end of Jack’s marks the beginning of Blair’s on Hudson, Stelzenmuller’s newest bar and restaurant in Canton located at 2822 Hudson St. He plans to open Blair’s on either Jan. 26 or Jan. 27, he said.


“I could have opened [Blair’s] last week, but I just wanted to put the finishing touches on,” Stelzenmuller said.

The Jack’s space won’t be empty for long, though. As he looks for a buyer, Stelzenmuller plans to launch a new concept, tentatively in mid-to-late February, known as the Regal Beagle.


The Beagle won’t be permanent, but at the “light, fun” lounge Stelzenmuller plans to replace the dining tables in the back with couches and serve a menu of light fare.

Like Jack’s Bistro, the name of the lounge is a nod to the sitcom “Three’s Company,” according to the owner. (Jack’s Bistro was the name of character Jack Tripper’s restaurant; the Regal Beagle was the neighborhood pub where the roommates hung out.)

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As he prepares to launch Blair’s — which will offer eight types of burgers to start, along with other more casual dishes than Jack’s — Stelzenmuller said he’s both excited and nervous about the changes.

“Every emotion except sad,” he said.

Blair’s has been a long time coming. Stelzenmuller purchased the building (which was previously Mad Dog Murphy’s) in November 2015, and told the Baltimore Sun in July he planned to open Blair’s “within the next few months.” Renovating and designing the space — which will seat approximately 60, and features an Italian ceramic-tiled bar — took much longer than he expected.

“I’m a cook. I’m not a builder. I’m never doing this again, that’s for sure,” he said. “You fix one thing and three things break. It’s been a long, drawn-out process.”

But first things first — saying goodbye to Jack’s, which opened in early 2007. Stelzenmuller said the approach will be business as usual on the last night, but he believes the mood will be celebratory by the end of the night.


“It’s going to get ugly late night, in a good way,” he said. “I think it’s just going to turn into a big party.”