Fancy Clancy beer, named after the likable beer vendor at Oriole Park, is coming to Sliders Bar & Grille

<p>As if it weren’t enough that he’s the most exuberant and beloved beer vendor at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Fancy Clancy is about to have a beer named after him that’ll be available just across the street, at Sliders Bar & Grille.

“He’s such a cool dude, and everybody loves him so,” Art Major, owner of Winchester, Va.-based Escutcheon Brewing, says of Clarence Haskett, far better known as Fancy Clancy, a fixture at Orioles games for more than four decades, since they were playing at old Memorial Stadium. “It was, like, ‘Man, Clancy deserves to have his own beer, he really does.’”

Known as much for his engaging banter and wind sprint-style of going up and down the aisles of the first-base-side boxes, Haskett is more than a fixture at the stadium. He’s made lots of friends there as well, including Major, who commutes from Winchester to O’s games. Once, on a whim, he invited Haskett to Escutcheon for St. Patrick’s Day. Major didn’t really think he’d show up, but he did.

“I mean, who doesn’t love the guy?” asks Major, calling from a fishing boat in the Indian Ocean to talk about his favorite beer vendor. “We said, “Man, let’s do a beer. Let’s do a Fancy Clancy beer.’”

So Escutcheon did. The result will go on sale March 30 at Sliders on Washington Boulevard, just across the street from Oriole Park. “It’s not an IPA, it’s not a trendy beer, it’s not going to go viral,” says Major. “It’s the kind of beer you want to drink when you’re at a baseball game...It’s like 4.5 percent alcohol, so you can drink several of them and be OK.”

For now, Fancy Clancy will be available only at Sliders and at Escutcheon’s tap room in Winchester. But Major foresees a bright future for his pilsner. “I was kind of surprised how many bars and restaurants have been saying, ‘Man, we want that for sure,” he says. “It’s amazing how many people know Clancy. He’s certainly made himself a legend.”

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