Charles Village Pub plans to reopen later in August, said owner Tony Weir.
Charles Village Pub plans to reopen later in August, said owner Tony Weir. (Wesley Case / Baltimore Sun)

After closing in the spring due to damage caused by a grease fire, Charles Village Pub plans to reopen this month.

“Within the next two weeks we should be open,” said owner Tony Weir on Wednesday.


To reopen, the bar must schedule and pass an inspection from the city’s fire department, he said.

Charles Village Pub closed indefinitely after a grease fire in the kitchen. The pub, known simply as CVP, offered an unpretentious atmosphere with a crew of devoted regulars.

The fire, which occurred during the morning of May 1, caused significant damage to the kitchen, Weir said. The fire safety system, the stainless steel range hood and flooring were replaced, the owner said.

“The whole kitchen basically had to be redone,” he said.

The front of the house was not damaged in the fire and is ready to reopen, Weir said.

A sign posted inside the glass front door reads “Temporarily closed for renovations — We’ll be open again in mid August. See you then!”

Opened in the 1980s, the pub has become known for its unpretentious atmosphere, where packaged goods are sold and Ravens fans watch games with a plate of wings. A GoFundMe campaign launched the day of the fire to raise money for the staff. It surpassed its goal, raising more than $6,100 for the bar known by locals simply as CVP.

Regulars have let Weir know, in person and on social media, that the establishment is missed.

“Just give us a couple more weeks,” Weir said. “We’re working the best we can.”

A second sign has been posted on the front door, this time from the outside. “Please hurry. My soul is dying. Love, Charles Village,” it reads.