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Is this still good? A weekly best-of the-blog roundup

I've decided to make my occasional aggregating into a weekly blog round-up. Wednesday is the big day for food coverage in daily publications, and the online media perk up in response. That makes Thursday a good round-up day.

That means some of the links I'm aggregating here won't be so timely, but I will still be Tweeting juicy links as I find them @gorelickingood. I will post a link here and there on the new Baltimore DinerFacebook page.


1. Let's start local, and eat our way out. Here's a glowing positive review of b in Bolton Hill by the City Paper's Mary K Zajac's and a Cheap Eats review of Hampen's new Baltimore Burger Bar

2. The Voltaggio Brothers expertly flogged Williams-Sonoma products (even the Smoking Gun) on their Early Show's Chef on a Shoestring segment. Here's that video.


3. Josh Ozersky's cranky piece in Time - "Is it O.K. to Eat While Texting" -- is equally hard on customers and diners. His conclusion "(Restaurants) need money and repeat business; you need a good experience. It shouldn't be that hard for everyone to get what they want. (via Eater)

4. The Los Angeles Times has this story on the menu changes restaurants are making in advance of new rules requiring to post calorie counts. (via Eater)

5. H&H Bagels has closed its store on Manhattan's Upper West Side. (Wall Street Journal, via Diner's Journal)

7 Jack in the Box will stop tempting children with toys, applauds the Center for Science in the Public Interest. (I thought Jack-in-the-Box was a toy.)

7. Bruichladdich is pronounced "brook-LADDY," says Esquire's American Man's Guide to the Pronunciation of Scotches

8. The food pic(k) of the week is this meatball sub (via Serious Eats)