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'The Voice' recap, The Top 12 perform live

After intense weeks of surviving the blinds, making their way through battle rounds and dueling through the knockouts, the top 12 have made it. Made it to the moment where it is no longer about team spirit and coaches' opinions, the moment where it is their time to shine individually and convince America that they have what it takes to become "The Voice."

Last night all of the coaches dressed in black (except for Adam, who wore his very dapper Mr. Rogers sweater) and watched their contestants compete for spots in the Top 10.


Team CeeLo: Caroline Pennell and Avicii's "Wake Me Up"

Seventeen-year-old Caroline has played it cool during her time on "The Voice," but last night coach CeeLo decided to give her something a little more up-tempo and challenging. Her performance blew the coaches away. Inspired by her father, Caroline showed her familiar flare, but added just the right amount of quirkiness to her performance. Blake admitted to loving her a lot, and Caroline’s coach, CeeLo, had the same feeling.


Team Christina: Josh Logan and Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror"

It’s always tough watching someone perform a Michael Jackson song. However, coach Christina had the confidence that her veteran vocalist would be able to pull it off, performing a neo-soul, stripped-down version of the classic “Man in the Mirror.” Josh made the song his own and earned rave reviews from not only the audience, but the coaches as well. Adam called the performance “pretty damn good,” while Christina believed Josh nailed it, just as she expected.

Team Adam: James Wolpert and The Killers' "Mr. Brightside"

It was time for James Wolpert to come out of his cage…and that's just fine! Coach Adam wanted to see his apple-nerd-turned-superstar shine after a couple of vocal hiccups within the last two weeks. James admitted that it wasn't always his calling to be a singer, but this performance proved him wrong! Singing with energy and technique, all of the coaches were reminded why James is one of the competition's front-runners. CeeLo commended him for commanding the stage, while coach Adam had fun watching him perform.

Team Blake: Austin Jencks and Travis Tritt's "It's A Great Day to be Alive"

Stepping away from the more emotional performances, it was time for Austin Jencks to prove that he can be a country-crossover artist. With roots in Nashville, Austin felt it would be no problem to perform "It's A Great Day to be Alive." After Austin's performance, Adam was amazed by the "big note" he hit at the end of the song, while coach Blake felt the performance proved why everyone (in Oklahoma) wants to have a beer with him

Team Christina: Jacquie Lee and Jack White's "Love is Blindness"

Everyone wants to know how the youngest person in the competition has one of the biggest voices! Coach Christina decided this was the week for Jacquie Lee to perform a song that is more current, one that will showcase her vocal abilities on a new front. Jacquie blew away everyone, from the audience to the coaches and even host Carson Daly. CeeLo was lost in the moment after her performance, Adam believed it was simply amazing and coach Christina gave Jacquie a standing ovation.


After her performance, Adam lost the Mr. Rogers sweater and put on a leather jacket, so he could feel just as badass and edgy as Jacquie and the other coaches.

Coach Blake: Ray Boudreaux ande John Legend's "All of Me"

Kicking off R&B night on Team Blake was Ray Boudreaux. The dreamy swamp-pop singer from Louisiana was given the ultimate challenge by coach Blake, who felt it was time that Ray used the soul in his voice for a different purpose. Blake felt the performance was not only going to showcase his talents, but drive the ladies crazy…and it did. Coach Christina couldn't have swooned more after hearing his version of the tune. Coach Blake not only mentioned how great it was, but how handsome Ray is.

We agree. All the swooning deserves to be sent Ray's way.

Team CeeLo: Kat Robichaud and Awolnation's "Sail"

After being saved last week as the final member of Team CeeLo, both Kat and her coach agreed she has to remain edgy to stay in the competition. CeeLo felt the perfect song to welcome Kat back into the competition was Awolnation's "Sail." It was obvious Kat felt at home performing the song, as she robi-shuffled her way through the performance. Blake was amazed, while coach CeeLo couldn't be happier that he picked Kat for his team.


Team CeeLo: Jonny Gray and Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise"

Happy Veterans Day to Jonny Gray! Coach CeeLo felt it was time for the former airman to sing another song with a message, but not such a political one. CeeLo felt "Another Day in Paradise" was the perfect tune for the singer/songwriter to perform, and he was right. Adam pointed out  how gracefully Jonny recovered after the rhythm flaws during the beginning of his performance, and how much he liked him in the competition. Coach CeeLo couldn't have been prouder.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin and Emeli Sande's "My Kind of Love"

After coming off of an emotional performance that secured her a spot in the top 12, Adam felt it was time for Tessanne to go back to her roots and perform a pop/soul hit. Tessanne dedicated "My Kind of Love" to her husband of two years. Christina loved how beautiful and rich Tessanne's voice was, and Coach Adam couldn't believe that she delivered a flawless performance again!

Team Christina: Matthew Schuller and Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah"

It was time to see a side of Matthew Schuller that hasn't been shown before. Christina felt Matthew needed to perform a song that would take him back to his church roots. Matthew moved not only the coaches, but his parents who were in the audience watching as well. Blake called him the competitions front-runner and Coach Christina reminded him how special he makes everyone feel.

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Team Blake: Cole Vosbury and Miguel's "Adorn"

In a shocking turn of events, Blake kept the R&B theme on his team going for the night. During rehearsals, Blake decided that it was time for Cole to lose his guitar and go out there and perform from his heart, and he did. The coaches all agreed that Cole nailed it. CeeLo said he was excited to see what Cole could do next, and Blake simply…Loved it!

Have to admit, Cole pulled it off. Didn't think it would be possible. *wipes sweat*

Team Adam: Will Champlin and Imagine Dragons' "Demons"

Shy-guy Will Champlin closed out the show, with a performance that was right in his comfort zone. Coach Adam felt it would be a good idea for Will to play it safe. Again, Will nailed the rock vocals and connected emotionally with the audience. CeeLo enjoyed the performance. Adam loved seeing Will command the stage.

It's now up to America to decide who will advance to the top 10. Did R&B night help Team Blake? Was it a good idea for Team Adam to play it safe? Does Team Christina really have the front runners in the completion? Is Team CeeLo just the best all around?


Tuesday's results show (with a twist) will determine the answers to all of those questions.