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Restaurant locks her non-tipping family inside, customer says

When a woman refused to pay the automatic 17% gratuity at a Houston seafood restaurant named La Fisherman, she says the restaurant locked her and her party inside the restaurant and threatened to call the police.

The story, which was reported by KRPC, the NBC-affiliate in Houston and began spreading on Wednesday to other websites like the Huffington Post, goes like this:

The customer, Jasmine Marks, decided that the automatic gratuity the restaurant applies to checks for  parties of five or more, and which is clearly stated on the menu, was null and void in her case. Her server was rude, apparently, drinks weren't refilled and not all of the table's order even showed up. When she questioned the policy, she says, the restaurant refused to budge.

The story does not make it clear whether Marks did anything useful like notify the managmeent of service issues until it came time to stiff the server.

Eventually, Marks paid the damn gratuity.

The point of the story is why would you ever eat at a restaurant named La Fisherman.

In other waiting news, Wired reports on Slingshot, a popular new data-mining software system that reports, down to the 15 cents extra for blue-cheese dressing, on the sales performance of each individual server. (via Eater).

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