On Monday afternoon, as Baltimore was reacting to the Ravens' release of running back Ray Rice, two South Baltimore establishments took to social media, offering rewards on fan apparel bearing Rice's #27.

No Idea Tavern, a drinking spot known for its irreverent social media, tweeted out a message on Monday afternoon, offering a bar tab for anyone parting with his or her Ray Rice jersey:

"Anyone who surrenders their Ray Rice jerseys at the bar will receive a $10 bar tab. No. Questions. Asked."


Hersh's Pizza in Federal Hill wrote an open letter on social media requesting Ray Rice jerseys.

In the post addressed to "Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person," the Light Street pizza shop announced it would give free pizzas and donate $2.70 to the House of Ruth for each jersey it collects.

Stephanie Hershkovitz, who owns the shop with her brother Josh, said the owners decided to take action after seeing a second video released Monday by TMZ that showed a physical altercation between Rice and his then-fiance Janay Palmer inside a casino elevator in Atlantic City, N.J.

She said they wanted to turn "something disgusting into something positive, like pizza."

On their Facebook page, the Hershkovitzs posted: "Suggestions for what to do with all the Ray Rice jerseys we collect, since there are only so many we can use for toilet paper? Let us know! Also, Hersh's will donate $2.70 to House Of Ruth Maryland, Inc. for each jersey we receive. Eat in only."

That post followed the earlier one: "Dear Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person, Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a free pizza at Hersh's. These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week. #CutRayRice"

Stephanie Hershkovitz said the decision was "spur of the moment," but donating to charitable causes isn't out of the ordinary for the pizza shop. She said they participated in the "Eat Red" campaign in June, and donated a portion of the sales on certain items to fight AIDS.