Providence, R.I. opens its arms to Ravens fans

If you're headed to New England for the AFC championship, you might consider hanging out in Providence, R.I.

For one thing, Providence is closer to Gillette Stadium than Boston is. For another, someone in Providence actually wants you.

Tanya Haapanen, the events and marketing coordinator at the Whiskey Republic in Providence, contacted us. She wanted us to pass along the word that the Whiskey Republic is willing to reserve half of their Sunroom, a semi-private area overlooking the marina for Ravens' fans on Saturday night. They'd even provide complimentary appetizers, depending on how many guests attend.

They'll also be offering 15 percent off any individual Ravens fan's food bill all day on Saturday, and -- get this -- giving away a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl at 10 p.m. on Saturday night.

Haapanen said she's ideally looking for a large group that's traveling in for the game (as opposed to a roving horde).

If that sounds like you, give Happanen a shout at

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