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Pabu introduces 'Satori' tasting menu

PABU has recently introduced 'Satori,' a tasting menu designed specifically to give diners a foothold into the restaurant's izakaya-style dining.

"With such an extensive menu, we really wanted to offer first-time visitors an easy way to taste signature items from every section so they can explore and discover what they like best," said PABU executive chef Jonah Kim. "The idea is to highlight some of our favorites ... so when diners return they have a base from which to be even more adventurous. The feedback has been great to date," Kim said.

The Satori menu is $44.88 per person, and an additional $22.88 per person for wine pairings. The PABU Satori menu, which you can see here, begins with what has become a PABU signature item, the "Happy Spoon," a slurp of oyster, uni, ikura and ponzu creme fraiche. Then comes "Nagoya style" wings and pork spare ribs, a selection of skewers grilled over Japanese Binchotan, a take on “chicken soup” featuring, ramen noodles in chicken broth and a selection of nigiri with a special hand roll. 

The menu concludes with an omakase dessert tasting created by the Four Seasons' Chris Ford.