Steven Pineiro slides down the vert ramp during a qualifying round at the Dew Tour
Steven Pineiro slides down the vert ramp during a qualifying round at the Dew Tour (Joe Soriero/Special to the Baltimore Sun)

If the Ocean City city council has its way, the music headliner at this year's Dew Tour will be less Kid Cudi and more Demi Lovato, or worse.

Last week, the city council approved the return of Dew Tour, the skateboarding, BMX and surfing competition that takes over the boardwalk for four days starting August 16.

The approval from the city council was a foregone conclusion. In its debut at Ocean City last August, Dew Tour brought over 70,000 people and lots of tourism money to the resort town. This time, though, the city council had some notes for the Tour's Saturday night concert: keep it PG-13.


While Kid Cudi, (former!) stoner rap eminence grise, played the pier last year, the city council told Dew Tour organizers this year's performer should be "geared towards Ocean City's family values," according to last week's council meeting agenda.

The notes, which came from the Parks & Recreation Department, continued: "We recommend this, or place a stipulation in the performers' contract that if they perform something not acceptable, there will be a substantial financial penalty."

It's not clear what prompted the recommendation. Last year's concert took place without incident, said Donna Abbott, spokeswoman for the city.

The notes, she added, are not demands, but suggestions to the organizers.

It wouldn't be the first time Ocean City government looks the other way for the sake of the cashcow that is the Dew Tour. For most of the year, the city famously forbids skateboarding anywhere in town except the Ocean Bowl, which charges $100 for an annual membership.

A spokesperson for Ali Sports, which organizes the event, has not responded to requests for comment about this year's music. Organizers announced last year's music headliner in July.