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New technology for chefs and food-lovers

The Baltimore Sun

We hear from time to time about new apps, gadgets and other technology for food-lovers and chefs. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Evernote has a new addition to its suite of note-taking and archiving apps and web tools. Evernote Food, available now for Apple and Android has tools that let users find, collect and share home-cooked recipes and restaurant meals; the restaurant search-engine is powered by Foursquare. If you already use Evernote to collect web clippings, you can be in business right away. There's a neat and easy clipping function that sends restaurant information directly to your Evernote account. (I'm still vacillating between Evernote and Instapaper.)

The appealing thing about Evernote Food is how minimal its social function is. That makes it easier to think of as an archival tool.

The recently launched Chefsheet is billed as "the first ever FREE restaurant inventory website and smartphone app." The tools help chefs and managers control, maintain and share inventory information; track price changes; and even share information with their colleagues. Chefsheet is now in beta.

I'd be curious to hear what a real-world chef thinks about this new product. It's all about the margins.

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