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Canceled: Lindsay Lohan's dad, Octomom to appear at Baltimore club to promote 'Celebrity Rehab 5'


: Looks like Michael Lohan doesn't have a place in Baltimore to promote "Celebrity Rehab 5" after all. Mosaic, where he had been scheduled to appear with Octomom Nadya Suleman abruptly canceled the event Tuesday, said spokesman and general manager Vincent Martinez. Goodlife Boys, which was promoting the event, also backed out Tuesday.)


Michael Lohan will promote his stint on "Celebrity Rehab 5" with, what else, a party at a Baltimore club.

Call it another success story for the addiction show and Dr. Drew Pinsky's counsel.


A rep for Lohan said the tabloid nuisance isn’t actually in recovery because he didn’t go on the show for alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

It turns out, “All the characters on the show are trying to rehabilitate their celebrity image,” said Damon Feldman, one of Lohan’s flunkies.

Lohan won’t be alone at the event. He will be joined by the Octomom, a pairing one ballsy publicist called “the hottest A-list event of the summer!”

Up until Monday, it seemed the Lohan paterfamilias was persona non grata in Baltimore.

Lohan’s publicist and Baltimore promoter the Goodlife Boys prematurely sent out a press release last week to several reporters announcing the “Celebrity Rehab” party would take place July 21 at Power Plant Live club Mosaic, "

Baltimore's premier destination for cocktails after work."

“Media advisory: TV star and gossip king Michael Lohan invades Baltimore for red carpet event,” the release said. Helpfully, Lohan was also identified as “Lindsay’s dad.”

The release promised a red carpet as well as appearances by other bloated cast members from the show, which premiered in late June and also features Sean Young and Amy Fisher. Lohan was treated on the show for drug and alcohol abuse, according to hisVH1 bio.

“This once in a lifetime red carpet event will be one to remember,” the release boasted.


But when asked for comment, Chris Furst, press rep for Power Plant Live, said no one at Mosaic or in his office had heard of the promotion. The club had another event scheduled for that date.

Goodlife Boys and Lohan’s flack then said the event had actually been moved to Angels Rock Bar, also in Power Plant, but again, Furst denied the event had ever been scheduled.

“The Goodlife Boys will never determine our talent or promotions,” Furst said. In fact, the venue had 90s tribute band Dirt booked to play that night.

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But with the event three days away, Lohan finally managed to secure a spot for his soiree Monday. It will be held at Mosaic after all on July 28, venue spokesman and general manager Vincent Martinez confirmed.

The Octomom is scheduled to appear as well, he said, but sadly, the red carpet has been scrapped. The cover is $10.

It will cost just as much to wash off the sleaze afterwards.


Update 1:57 p.m.

: Looks like Lohan is stranded after all. Mosaic has abruptly cancelled the "Celebrity Rehab" event, spokesman and general manager Vincent Martinez said. Martinez came to the decision after the Octomom's agent called him Tuesday to deny that Nadya Suleman was appearing at the promotion. Martinez said he felt "uncomfortable" with how misleading Goodlife Boys's advertising has been from the start and felt it best to not take any chances with the event. We'll update if Lohan manages to find a back-up venue.

Update 2:32 p.m.

: And, you can count this ill-fated party dead. This thing got really toxic really fast. And all it took was one innocuous blog post. Goodlife Boys also called to say it backed out of the event because it had gotten "too hairy," said Tim Orcutt, one of the owners.