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Is Preakness' Kegasus played by a teetotaler?

Here's a strange twist to the already abnormal Kegasus story: he's played by John C. Bailey, a D.C. actor who has been "20 [years] clean and sober," according to this Deadspin story.

If Kegasus is indeed Bailey — he denied it to Deadspin's Dave McKenna but the website links to this online resume as proof — then it's an interesting fit for a character whose "favorite scent" is "draft beer," according to his bio.

I emailed Katherine Dodson of Elevation advertising agency — the company responsible for the Kegasus promotion — but I have not received a response yet. If and when I do, this post will be updated.

And this is stating the obvious but Bailey is an actor, playing a character, so this shouldn't cause any exisential crises or utter shock. Still, it's a surprising tidbit surrounding a polarizing Maryland "figure" whose story keeps getting weirder. No word on if UniCarl feels betrayed.

So the bottom line: if you see Kegasus on Saturday, you can give him a high-five, but don't offer him a beer to chug.

Watch Bailey star in a commercial against drunk driving, of all things, below.

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