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New Harbor East pub crawl fails to include any pubs

To promote nightlife in swanky Harbor East, Cross Street Partners is organizing what it bills as the neighborhood's "first pub crawl, a progressive event perfect for foodies and fun-loving city dwellers."

"People come here and they eat in the dining rooms but a lot of times they don't go to the bars," said Jo Ann Stallings, marketing director at Cross Street. "This is a way to introduce people to the bars."

As always, Cross Street, the company made up of the fallen pieces of Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse, has its finger on the pulse of things. 

No neighborhood in Baltimore screams pub crawl quite like Harbor East.

All those dives, you know? The Four Seasons, Oceannaire, Talara. All those boutique wine stores and bars offering $14 liquid nitrogen cocktails that demand a boozy, messy stroll with a bunch of drunk friends and that'll leave you with a stiff tab at the end of the night. Forget Fort Avenue or Canton Square, Harbor East is pub crawl central.

This new pub crawl, which was announced Monday and is set for March 7, is like no other. It costs $45 and doesn't actually include any pubs.

In fact, the participating bars strain the definition. They are: Fells Point's Bond Street Social (home of the $14 liquid nitrogen cocktail); Bin 604, a boutique wine store; Kosmo's at the Marriott; Wit & Wisdom, the new bar at the Four Seasons, where a glass of wine is as expensive as a bottle of wine at the Wine Source; Talara; Lebanese Taverna; and, in a token effort to keep things cheap, Taco Fiesta.

The one bar that might have qualified is James Joyce Pub. But Stallings said the Irish pub couldn't commit space or staff since it's coming in what is supposed to be a busy month.

Stallings said she reached out to all the restaurants and bars in the neighborhood and the participants are the ones that replied back. Cross Street consults and handles marketing for Harbor East Management Group.

For, $45 pub crawlers go in groups of ten to five bars, spending between a half hour and 45 minutes at each bar, and get one (!) free drink and appetizers. 

"We're hoping to top it off at 125 people," Stallings. About 100 tickets remain.

Full details on the event, including meeting times, are posted on the Harbor East website.