Frisco Tap & Brew House prepares to open seven-barrel microbrewery Push Craft Brewing

Frisco Tap & Brew House in Columbia
Frisco Tap & Brew House in Columbia (The Baltimore Sun)

This Spring, Frisco Tap and Brew House in Columbia will open a seven-barrel microbrewery under the name Push Craft Brewing.

Brewing his own beer has always been an ambition of owner Adam Carton; when he designed the restaurant, which is known for its 50 taps, he included space for a brewery. Indeed, its name suggested it was already able to make its own beer.


But Carton was waiting for the business, which has been at its new location at 6695 Dobbin Road for a year, to mature. The name of the new brewery comes from owner Adam Carton's passion for motorcycle racing.

"A big part of racing is pushing the limits of your ability," he said Monday.

Now, he's set his goal on eventually spinning off Push as an independent brewery. He also confirmed his brewmaster is Ray Andreassen, who'll split his time between Push and current employer Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. Carton's plans were first reported earlier this month. On Monday, he described his plans in detail.

Producing beer in-house has always been a goal for the sheer advantage of freshly-brewed beer in the restaurant, Carton says. But it also opens the door top a a production brewery of his own.

"My plan is to eventually sell it off-premise," he says. But that's a long way off, and would involve making the microbrewery into its own business entity - in Maryland, microbrewers are forbidden from self-distributing on a large scale.

For now, Push will brew only for the restaurant as a perk for regulars. "We're not going to be supporting ourselves on the beers we make. It will be in addition to the 50 taps that we have," Carton says.

Push will produce four beers to start, with an emphasis on "bigger, heavier, hoppier beers," which already do well in draft form, Carton says. That means West Coast IPAs, double IPAs, and likely a light beer, like a hefeweizen.

The brew house will be located at the front of the building, which until now has been a storage place for some of Carton's bikes. It consists of a seven-barrel system, two fermenters and four serving tanks, which means two beers can be fermenting at any given time while four are served.

Carton says the equipment should arrive in two weeks and they'll start brewing their first batch by April 1.