That was fast. A Fresh & Green's market is opening tomorrow in the Charles Plaza location where Superfresh was until just this past Tuesday.

What do we know about Fresh & Green's? (Try Googling them yourself.)  Not much beyond what's in their pamphlet:

Fresh & Green's is delighted to be adding your neighbourhood to our growing family of grocery stores.  Our concept is a new and refreshing one that will expand the selection of prepared meals and natural foods while still providing all the conventional food products and brands you have enjoyed in the past.  We'll be renovating this location in the near future to provide you with a more enjoyable shopping experience. As an important part of your community and everyday life, we are committed to bringing you an unmatched, one-stop food shopping destination.  We are passionate about serving you and look forward to bringing your community a  unique grocery concept with superior service at an affordable price.

Thank you for your tremendous welcome and on behalf of all our staff we look forward to serving you.

You're welcome, Fresh & Green's, and we'll see you tomorrow (or Saturday). But, what's with the "u" in neighbourhood? Are you...Canadian????



Fresh & Green's appears to be owned by the Natural Market Restaurants Corp., which owns Scarsdale, N.Y.-based

. It is unclear whether Mrs. Green's will be associated with the running of Fresh & Green's, or whether NMR Corp. will operate Fresh & Green's separately from Mrs. Green's. But that 'u" in the spelling of "neighbourhood" in the store's pamphlet suggests that Fresh & Green's will operate independently from, and as a different concept than, Mrs. Field's.

Seven Superfresh locations in Maryland and D.C. were acquired in May by NRM Corp. from Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. According to press release the company issued at the time of the Superfresh purcahase, NMR Corp. "is a privately-held, Toronto-based food services company that has created and operates innovative, open marketplace concepts and natural food retail stores in a number of high profile Canadian and US markets. Banners include Planet Organic Market, Richtree Market Restaurants, Mrs. Green's and Wilde & Greene."

Natural Market Restaurants Corp. appears to be a newly coined entity that would comprise these various entities. At any rate, the whole kit and kaboodle topples out of the portfolio of the Toronto-based private equity investment firm Catalyst Capital Group.

Th Charles Plaza and Brunswick, Md., stores are the first of the eight to be converted from Superfresh to Fresh & Green's. The target date for the conversion is Friday, but a representative of NMR Corp. told me that the opening could be delayed until Saturday.

UPDATE: Two guys from Toronto standing outside of the old Superfresh acknowledged that Natural Market Restaurants Corp. is the new name for the parent company of Mrs. Green's, Planet Organic, Richtree, Fresh & Green's and Wilde & Greene, a stand-alone market/restaurant concept headed for Skokie, Il.