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Former Raven Ed Reed, Terra's Kitchen team up to raise money for Baltimore schools nonprofit

Former Ravens player Ed Reed's organization, the Ed Reed Foundation, has partnered with local meal-kit delivery service Terra's Kitchen to raise money for Baltimore City Public Schools organization Great Kids Farm.

Former Ravens safety Ed Reed's organization, the Ed Reed Foundation, has partnered with local meal-kit delivery service Terra's Kitchen for a fundraiser you can sink your teeth into.

The local meal-kit delivery service announced today that it will offer customers a discount and a chance to give back to nonprofit organization Great Kids Farm, a working farm owned and operated by Baltimore City Schools that aims to engage students in food preparation and support classroom learning for future success.


Using the code "REED20" will give customers a $20 discount on their first purchase at Terra's Kitchen, according to CEO Michael McDevitt, and, in turn, the company will donate $20 to the Ed Reed Foundation. The donation, Reed said, will go directly to the Friends of Great Kids Farm, a nonprofit organization that supports the Great Kids Farm.

Reed, who is now an assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills, said the idea to educate youth on nutrition has been on his mind for nearly 10 years, ever since he hosted a fitness day for kids and had a doctor explain how food affects children's mentality and behavior.


"When kids grow up into adults now ... they learn that taking care of their body is like taking care of their car. You're not going to put bad gas into your car. Why not treat your body the same way? It makes all the sense in the world for us to do the right thing for our bodies," said Reed, who lost his grandmother to diabetes. His father was also diagnosed with diabetes, he said.

Reed said he wanted to help teach children that it's important to treat their bodies right, and much of it starts with healthy food, he said.

"It's something that we really need to pay attention to. It's not about just going out and eating healthy all the time, but a majority of the time," he said.

*This story has been updated.