Opened in June 2008, Bad Decisions will relocate in Fells Point to the former Get Down dance club space.
Opened in June 2008, Bad Decisions will relocate in Fells Point to the former Get Down dance club space. (Cassidy Johnson / Baltimore Sun)

Bad Decisions, the Fells Point cocktail corner bar known for its love of bacon, will relocate to the former Get Down dance club space next month, owner John Reusing said.

Named one of the best bars in the country by Esquire magazine last year, Bad Decisions has operated at its current location for more than eight years. Feeling the bar had outgrown its home, Reusing said he had been eyeing a move for years.


"This is the next step," Reusing said on the phone Tuesday. "We were ready to grow. It was just about the right place and the right time."

The final weekend for the bar's current location (1928 Fleet St.) is Aug. 12, and Reusing plans to open the new spot (701 S. Bond St.) on Aug. 19. (The Get Down, which formerly occupied the Bond Street space, closed nearly a year ago.)

The most significant difference between the two locations is the amount of space. By the time renovations are finished, Reusing estimates the two-floor Bond Street bar's capacity will be three times higher than the 74-person limit at Bad Decisions' current location.

Reusing said he expects the biggest challenge of the move will be maintaining Bad Decisions' dive-bar charm in a 6,000-square-foot space. Reusing believes the new location's compartmentalized areas — thanks to its days as a club — will allow for both low-key and energized vibes.

"It something I'm spending a lot of time thinking about," he said. "Even if there are 100-some people on that first floor, if you're off in the side room with your group, you're kind of in your own private bar that just so happens to have access to what me and my staff can put out."

Bad Decisions will add a kitchen to the space, and Reusing is still looking for a chef. The bar will serve bar snacks and sandwiches. And fear not, regulars: Bacon, a product synonymous with Bad Decisions because of its monthly "Bacon Night," will have a strong presence, too.

Food is "lower on the totem pole" as of now, Reusing said. He's busy thinking about the new possibilities he and his staff will have behind the bar. He's ready to check items off the list of things he wanted to do at the old bar but never could because of space limitations. Reusing wants to add draft lines for cocktails and homemade sodas, as well as a daiquiri machine for frozen drinks for when the weather's hot.

"I'm going to be able to add a lot of toys to do cool things with, because, for Fells Point, we have all the space in the world," he said.