Elizabeth Large, The Baltimore Sun's restaurant critic since 1973 and Dining@Large blogger since 2007, announces her forthcoming retirement. Here's a look back at her work at The Sun.

Critic's last course

That in 2010 the fine-dining critic of The Sun would be reviewing what is basically a Vietnamese noodle bar shows just how much Baltimore's food scene has changed. In 1973, fine dining meant French or Continental. And, of course, there was only one continent when it came to food.

The critic who ate Baltimore

Thirty years ago a friend told me The Sun was looking for a restaurant critic. I was young and fearless, and I decided to try out for the job by writing a couple of columns. In my wildest dreams I never imagined I would still be writing about crab cakes and cheesecake well into the next millennium.

Some memorable restaurant reviews

Elizabeth Large recalls some of her favorite articles

She's not making this up

So you want my job. Well, it isn't all peaches and cream, or lobster and filet, as the following excerpts from my early reviews illustrate.

Jaw-dropping headlines

When I first started reviewing, not only did I have to worry about bad restaurant meals and outraged owners, I had to be wary of the headline writers at The Sun.