Dunson joins Chrisette Michele and Bilal to ask, 'Can the Cool Be Loved?'

Here's a big look for a local artist: Current b cover star Dunson said he had a lot of collaborations in the pipeline, and the first one, along with a stylized video, dropped today.

R&B singer Chrisette Michele (an underrated talent perhaps best known for her breathy hook on Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music") debuted "Can the Cool Be Loved?" today, a collaboration that includes neo-soul singer Bilal and the Columbia native Dunson. The song is from Michele's "Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation" project, scheduled to be released online Dec. 8.

Dunson, happily playing off the Sammy Davis Jr. imagery in the video, spits an unadorned guest verse that sits comfortably in his wheelhouse (the "Would you take Billie Holiday to Holiday Inn?" line caught my attention). It's an appropriately sensitive verse that ends with Dunson ad-libbing, "You know what's cool? Love is cool."

Read more about Dunson and the other four Baltimore MCs on b's cover here. Watch the black-and-white clip (way) below.

First spotted at Miss Info's.

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