The cast of online puppet show Showbeast
The cast of online puppet show Showbeast (Showbeast)

Here's a tip to everyone making music videos: involve puppets*. Somehow. Sock puppets even. If the new Muppets movie taught us anything - and it taught us a lot -  is that puppets can improve even Jason Segel vehicles. Puppets could make Skrillex music videos passable.

So it was a pleasure to see the new video from Baltimore proto-punks Dope Body. It features all the big P's: punks, puppets and paranoia.


The video is for Dope Body's "Bangers & Yos," off their first proper album "Nupping," which was released last year.

It's also notable for being a collaboration between the band - Andrew Laumann and Zach Uts - and Showbeast, the twisted online puppet series that for the last five years has been posting short videos featuring the likes of Dan Deacon and Beach House.

Last summer, Showbeast started raising money on Kickstarter to cover the costs involved in making its videos and to expand the show to 30 minutes. They successfully raised $2,300.

The Dope Body video is the result of that money, and it's going to be the centerpiece of Showbeast's first, full-length episode, "Something Big."

The video is posted below:

*If you don't like puppets, consider involving an adorable, miniature sea shell? A Marcel cameo would be perfect in a Double Dagger video.